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Thameside Radio


The Official Website of
The Clockwork Wireless Company.
Contains archives for Thameside Radio,
Clockwork Wireless and
The Intrepid Birdman.
This site is a gateway only at the moment.
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The Clockwork Wireless Company Was formed on the demise of Thameside Radio and took into its embrace the production of radio programmes for a variety of outlets, not the least of which was -

"Clockwork Radio" which broadcast in London on the old Thameside frequency of 90.2 mhz at 7 oclock on Sundays (so no surprises there then...)
It was staffed by an assortment of mal-contents, notably:

Terry Anderson, The Intrepid Birdman,
Ian the Engineer, Hilly Downs, Buzby Berkley
and Alex Wright.

Not of course their real names...


In the late 70's the only national FM pop/rock station closed down at 7pm on Sundays. After BBC Radio 1 had played the Top 30 between 5pm and 7pm they handed over to Radio 2 who played the most frightfull cack.

As a result 7pm symbolised the end of the weekend; no more music. Of course thousands of kids were now locked in thier rooms ploughing through a big pile of homework with just the radio for company.

Bang on 7 0'clock hundreds of hands reached for the tuner just next to Radio 1, someone was still playing music. Thameside Radio.

Tuning to 90.2 just before 7pm every Sunday to catch the warm up music, the theme tune and then the "Do you ever have difficulty finding a radio station playing music" jingle became an important event.


Ok so whats all this about then...

Strange enough I was looking around the web and dicovered a huge nostalgia trip going on.

I never Imagined that even now there would be people still writing about us and swapping old Thameside Tapes. It was great fun at the time but we must have made a bigger impression than I thought.

This site then, is the Birdmans personal site, In due course it will link to streaming audio feeds of the best of the clockwork programmes, some old Thameside Radio memories, possibly video clips and photos but certainly a few laughs from the past....for now the site is under construction but you can look around the working bits, and come back later cos its growing by the day.

We would like to expand the events pages and are currently trying to assemble photos for: the Boat Trip, the Brighton Trip, the Circle Line Picnic, the Thameside Hall Party, Fast Food Surveys and any other incidents we can think of.

If you are a listener or one of the crew and you have such pictures or any other interesting contributions then please get in touch. All material will be returned. Also we want to assemble a sound archive, look on The clockwork pages to see
what I mean.

Also on this site you will find
The Guestbook,
The Forum and the Chat Room.

Ok enough for now, click on the clockwork logo to go to the site.